Swamp Thing

The time to say our goodbyes were just as hard as I had imagined, especially when it came to saying goodbye to my hormonal twin sister. Making a pregnant lady cry is not typically on the top of my to-do list. Of course I cried like a leaky faucet, which is something I inherited from my mom. She has this uncanny ability to cry at the drop of a hat when others are crying in her vicinity, and that morning was no different. Here’s a helpful hint for those who have this leaky faucet vicinity crying issue, hold a baby when the leakies (the little red squiggles showed up under this fancy word of mine, but I refuse to change it) hit. For some reason holding a baby who has no concept of what’s going on and continues to smile while you cry just makes you smile too. Try it sometime…it works.

Speaking of babies, my guess is you’re wondering how they did throughout the flying process. Well sit back and let me tell you, we’ll have a splendid time! Actually, it wasn’t all that bad, at least not what I had imagined in my head. Overall the boys are pretty mild mannered babies, but I had expected that waking up at 3:30am and traveling for 20 some odd hours would get to them, which at one point it did… This one point was not when I had expected it at all. My mind had gone to all the worst possible scenarios of the boys crying non-stop on the 8.5 hour flight from Baltimore to Germany. This, however, was far from what I had imagined. That particular portion of our trip was probably the easiest considering they slept nearly 90% of the flight (thank God!). My attempts at sleeping during that time were hit or miss considering I had to burp…a lot. Apparently when I sleep with my head on that awesome drop down tray I sleep with my mouth open and therefore swallow a ton of air. Thankfully, I have mastered the art of burping (lady like aren’t I?), and was able to quietly release the air I was hoarding in my stomach. I bet you have a super sexy image of me sleeping on a plane…

As sexy as my plane sleeping abilities are there is one thing that is not sexy at all…a baby meltdown. When we arrived in Baltimore we had to fetch all of our 14 bags (I swear only two bags of that was mine, honestly, I’m not lying), and have them rechecked for our international flight. It was while we were collecting our kaleidoscope of hand-me-down bags that Liam began his tiny baby fusses. Typically Liam is our easy baby who we can keep content with a pacifier, but he wanted nothing to do with a pacifier. After waiting several minutes for someone to help us load our bags and then making our way up to the check-in area Liam went into meltdown mode. He had that pouty lip in full effect and the leakies hit with full effect. This wouldn’t be all that bad because there were places to get hot water to heat up a bottle but we had already begun the check-in process with a lovely guy who I will call “And Then…” (yes, it requires the …).

And Then was full of questions that made me want to kick him in the shins and spit like an angry camel (please note that I have never spit in anyone’s general direction ever). He made Sean and I guess the weights of all of our luggage and arrange them accordingly, and then stack them three high. We then had to guess the weight of the stroller, the car seats, babies, myself, and Sean. At one point he was asking if we had weighed all of our carry-ons and Sean and I had agreed that we had and this is where the mental spitting comes into play. He said “are you sure…?”, and Sean and I agreed again that we were, to which again he responded “are you sure…?”. After going back and forth several times with a howling baby in my arms the entire time mind you, he finally pointed out that I had the boys’ diaper bag on my back. I wanted to go all “white girl, ghetto” (also note that I have never been “ghettoesque” in my life) on him, which in combination with the angry camel spits is not pretty. By this time Liam was in such hysterics he could hardly breathe and had turned into what I have lovingly deemed “Swamp Thing”. The younger generation reading this may be like “lady, what the heck are you smoking”, but to you younger generation, I say Google it… Anyway, Liam had snot running down his face like a cracked egg with giant green man boogers everywhere. It was not a pretty sight.

I promise; there is a happy ending to this story. The happy ending is that Liam was fed and turned back into my normal happy baby, as well as his cohort Abram. We made it to our final destination safe and sound, and the babies even got their “wings”. I’m sure deep down they were just as excited about the wings as I was.


Abram, and Liam laid out on a blanket waiting to board the plane for the flight over to Germany. They are super stoked about their wings…


2 responses to “Swamp Thing

  1. And that’s why I wouldn’t give Abram up (regardless of his goodbye gift to me) until I was forced to… 🙂 That and Aunt Michelle was bound and determined to get as much baby snuggles in as possible before letting you go through security.

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