Well Slap Me Silly and Call Me Necole?

Hotel living is not one that I recommend. I know when I was little it was something that I fantasized about while on family vacations, then again all of those hotels had pools… Actually come to think about it, my most cherished family vacations were to a large cabin on “Dog Tooth Lake” in Canada. There was no pool but a lake is so much better than a pool (just stay on the sandy beach part away from the crawfish and leaches, just ask Michelle about that one…). Probably my fondest memory of the cabin was the time my dad held me over the edge of the balcony by my ankles so I could pick the raspberries down below (try finding that one in a Parenting 101 book). The cabin was tolerable for long periods of time even with several people staying there considering it had (if I remember correctly) 6 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full size kitchen. This hotel I’m trapped in is far from the cabin in Canada. I feel sorry for the babies as their bedroom is also the living room, kitchen, dining area, and the sink portion of the bathroom. As you can imagine staying here 24 hours a day will drive you batty so I cherish the days that I can get out of this place even if it’s on official Corps of Engineers business. Like yesterday…when I attempted to get my ID so I could shop at the commissary and PX without Sean (Heaven forbid I go grocery shopping without an ID!).

You are probably scratching your head in a figure of speech kind of way, asking yourself “well why did she attempt to get her ID?”. Here’s why…apparently Sean is married to a Necole I have never had the courtesy of being introduced to. Whoever she is, she is slacking terribly in her fair share of diaper changes! Really though, when his file was pulled up there was a Necole Cobb attached to him as his spouse instead of me. The gentleman who was helping us said that he had never had that happen before which isn’t all that comforting… He took every piece of ID I had, made copies, and sent them to the Embassy. I like to imagine I have some guy in a black suit and an ear piece looking over my file and doing a painstaking investigation, possibly following me around lurking behind bushes waiting for me to bust through the hotel doors (your mind gets overly creative when you’re stuck in a box for too long). I failed to mention that this all happened after waiting for around an hour for the power to the air base to come back on after some German construction worker dug a little too deep and hit the wire feeding the power. I imagine there is some very curly haired German construction worker now with an awesome afro, peace and love baby! So for now I am still stuck here, with the highlight of my day being when I take the boys for a walk around the hotel grounds.

Speaking of the boys here is my little update… Liam is this close to crawling. He gets his little knees under him and then proceeds to push off. Sometimes he even talks to the floor while scooting along so it comes out terribly muffled like he is really pissed off and giving the floor a piece of his mind. Abram is still content with rolling around like a mad man, which is okay with me for now (two mobile babies scares the crap out of me!). Both boys really enjoy blowing raspberries; they are so good at it that they would make an angry chimp at the zoo jealous. Be jealous chimps…be very jealous…


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