Psssshhhttt…Eat This House Hunters International!

Because House Hunters International never called us back…no really, Sean applied for the show and we never heard back, we’ve been doing our own version called “Ooo This One Looks Neat, Google Translate It!”.  Apparently they don’t know good TV personas when they see them! Army veteran turned architect, with an interior designer wife, and the most adorable twin boys (it’s my blog, what I say goes) uproot from small town Nebraska and move to Germany…what there doesn’t make for good TV?!?!

They do things here way different when it comes to renting, WAY DIFFERENT! For instance many rentals do not come with kitchens. People buy their own kitchens and take it with them from one place to the next. This is also true for light fixtures, and wardrobes (they don’t typically have closets). Also, people typically rent for 10+ years so some landlords can be hesitant when we say we only want to rent for three years. Here’s how the house hunt is going so far:

#1 – Government Housing…ugh…

I actually completely forgot that we had looked at this as an option but as I was typing the others I kept saying to myself, “it feels like we’ve seen more places than this…”, oops…

The government housing is an arrangement of apartments and duplexes and a few houses where other Corps of Engineers families live, which is kind of nice to be surrounded by other Americans. What we are allowed is a three bedroom apartment. It was something similar to what you would find in the states and not really what I had imagined for myself and family. We had better (not bigger) apartments back in the states while Sean and I were still dating and in college. The strange thing about this place is that the top floor of the building was dedicated to a series of rooms which you could use however you wanted but they were meant for when guests come to stay. It was similar to a dorm setup with shared bathrooms at either end of the corridor. I’m sure my parents would love staying there (please read that with lots and lots of sarcasm)! Whelp…enough said about this place…onto the next!

#2 – Brown Chicken Brown Cow

This townhouse was pretty nice. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, typical sized kitchen (with cabinets and appliances) dining area, living room, plenty of storage space, and a small backyard.  It also came with the lights, bonus! The biggest bonus of them all though…? The upstairs loft bedroom is perfect for doing your own adult films, ALRIGHT! Only that soft stuff though, some of that hardcore stuff is more like a horror movie then something that’s supposed to turn you on. Really though, I’m not kidding about the brown chicken brown cow room. It was 100% white with really swanky white furniture including a giant white round bed! I’m pretty sure that sucker spun in circles but I wasn’t about to touch it to see if it did. There were even lights perfectly situated above the bed and lights on tripods (they weren’t set up, they were on the floor). Sean and I didn’t even have to say anything to each other when we got into that room, we made eyes at each other like “Do you see this…this is some kinky shit!”.

#3 – Mountain Duplex with a View

Where do I start?!?! This is the house we had spotted online back in the states and it is amazing, in my opinion at least.  It had three+ bedrooms, three bathrooms, tons of storage space, slightly larger kitchen with the cabinets and appliances, a huge deck, patio, and a bigger backyard then the last house.  The main level had floor to ceiling windows and walked out onto the deck, which the deck had views looking down over the town and the surrounding valleys/towns. Stepping out onto the deck was one of those moments where time stops. It was sunny, the gentle breeze smelled of fall, and you could hear a marching band practicing off in the distance. *sigh*

The landlord was a very German nice old man. He talked to me in German and all I could do was smile and nod. He pointed out which towns you could see from the balcony and told me all about his 9 grandkids (I only know this because the realtor translated for me). He said his wife would even want to babysit.  When he said that I was sold! He also offered to install a fence off the back of the lot so the boys wouldn’t go tumbling down into the neighbor’s yard, as well as install fire alarms.

You’re probably thinking, “well isn’t that the house to go with?”, to which I would say “if Sean lets me!”. There are a few downfalls to this place. It is not in Wiesbaden, and is actually about a 25 minute scenic drive from there. There is a bus that Sean could take to work from there but it would be an hour one way which makes for a long day (I know after commuting to and from work for two hours every day back in the states). We would need to purchase lights before moving in, as well as furniture in addition to what we are having shipped. Also, this place comes at a hefty move in cost with needing to pay the realtor a commission, two months deposit, and other fees.

We have a couple of apartments that Sean wants to see close to his work this Saturday before we make our final decision. I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes.


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