Vroom Vroom!

This past week has flown by but I think it helped that we rented a car for the long weekend. Finally I was able to get out of this box of a hotel room! I wonder if the guy with the black suit and an ear piece had trouble keeping up with me? Speaking of Necole…she no longer exists, well at least not as my husband’s wife anymore. Makes me wonder if some guy had me as a wife for a while? If so, he has no idea what a lucky SOB he was!

Friday night we drove around in circles looking for a Mexican restaurant that no longer exists because it turned into an Italian restaurant. I was bummed that I didn’t get the Mexican I was so looking forward to but the Italian was good. Saturday was pretty fun, in the morning we ventured around the Farmer’s Market where several people tried to talk to us about the boys but all we could do was smile and nod. I only knew they were talking about the boys because they’d say “zwillinge”, and if you haven’t picked up on it yet, that means twins in German.

Entering the Saturday Farmer’s Market

After the Farmer’s Market we made our way over to the mall and walked around a bit which is where I began to notice something you don’t see back home, dogs, everywhere… I had seen several people with dogs in the outdoor farmer’s market and had thought nothing of it but when I went to the mall and saw a dog being walked around and another in a store barking is when I began to question if the puddle I had stepped in earlier was man made or thanks to one of the k9’s. Hey, it’s better than stepping in something else…

Sunday was pretty uneventful due to the whole city shutting down on Sundays but Monday was pretty exciting. First we went to IKEA! The designer in me was jumping around like a kid in a candy store. Too bad we only had a short amount of time to look around before we had to make it to our next house showing. Trust me though; I have a mental list a mile long for when we go back. It’s actually kind of surprising I still have a mental list considering the incident in the parking lot of the IKEA… The babies were safely secured into the back seat of the car so I went back to help Sean with the stroller. I noticed that he had set the diaper bag on the ground and that there was a free space next to the stroller for it in the back. Apparently being blond and wearing a pink coat isn’t like wearing a giant orange safety vest because Sean failed to see me and slammed the rear door down on my head. The noise my head was loud, and I can imagine that it rang throughout the parking lot. As I grabbed my head in pain I looked up to see Sean in shock and a lady the next car over wincing in pain along with me. I envision the bump on my head looking something like the old cartoons, a foot high and bright red with little birds circling around it.

Beyond that the rest of the week I spent studying for the driving test. Yes, this test you actually need to study for…it is no joke. The test is 100 questions, with 25 of the questions being sign recognition. Prior to the test you have to watch two videos that are a little over an hour each, and at 7:30 in the morning, that is like cruel and unusual punishment. What’s worse is if you have to go to the restroom less than half way through the first video. Man-o-man that was brutal! I was rocking in my seat back and forth, crossing and uncrossing my legs, and shacking my foot like I had some kind of mad restless leg syndrome. I could not find the restroom fast enough once that video was over! Even with my, ahem…”issue”, during the video I still managed to pass the test with only missing four. Woot woot!!!

We are looking at moving hotels because let’s face it, this box is more boring than watching a really old person sleep (I would say more boring than watching paint dry, but I actually find that kind of fascinating). Currently we have our eye on one closer to Sean’s work which is much closer to everything, shops, parks, the market on Saturday… Hopefully I will have more exciting pictures and stories to share when we get moved since I will have more to do. I know you are jumping for joy and praying that we move because you are over the moon excited about the possibility of more exciting stories…

Oh, and I get to drive this weekend. Be scared citizens of Wiesbaden, I’m road legal!


One response to “Vroom Vroom!

  1. Always good to here from you, makes us feel closer. Love you and your family. Be blessed and be safe.

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