Migity Mush

Blargh, where do I even begin? It feels like there is a whole lot of migity mush (remember that from the first post? Yeah…I like it so I’m keeping it handy) going on since I last posted. Hold onto your britches, here comes a lot of randomness (I’m actually somewhat surprised ‘randomness’ is even a word).

First we moved hotels which was a pain in the arse (Oh come on, arse isn’t a word? Again, my blog so it stays.). Repacking, ugh…I’m sure I don’t even need to explain my disposition on that, especially when we brought 14 pieces of luggage with us from the states. Right about now you are freaking out, giving your computer the side eye thinking “what the heck do they need 14 pieces of luggage for?!?”.  Answer…because we can. Actually our household goods back in the states were just packed up and are due to arrive in the beginning of December. That’s a long freakin’ time to be without certain things, therefore, 14 pieces of luggage later we have our essentials. Heck, my mom even managed to cram the changing pad for boys into an oh-so-sexy (I’m guessing) 1970’s Samsonite suitcase. I swear that suitcase will never die; I even took it with me to London when I was a freshman in high school and it has weathered long distances better than anything I’ve purchased recently. I apologize for the many tangents my mind wonders off to while I’m typing… Anyway, we checkout of the good ol’ Lodge just fine and we had the lady at the front desk call for two taxi vans. We hitch up the train (me pushing the double stroller with one hand, pulling a dolly of luggage with the other, Sean pushing the one I am pulling, and he pulls the second one behind) and  make our way out to the street to wait for the taxis. Low and behold a single station wagon taxi shows up… He looks at me, at the luggage, back at me, and then back to the luggage, and then asks in a ‘please say no’ tone of voice “you call for taxi?”. From there it was all downhill. After telling him we had, he looks again at all the luggage and says “you need truck…not taxi”. Thank you Captain Obvious (cue angry spitting camel from Baltimore)! If they had such a thing as a taxi truck I am sure we would have asked for one, jerk! He finally leaves and Sean goes back inside to call for two vans again. You’ll never believe what happens next (or you might if you’re the brilliant type…), the damn wagon shows back up! My head walked a couple feet and proceeded to beat itself on the flagpole. Two vans AND the wagon later we finally made it to the new hotel.

Things got a little brighter once we made it to the hotel though, everything that we had requested was in the room and waiting for us upon our arrival (it took three calls to get cribs back at the Lodge). Shortly after we unloaded our ungodly amount of luggage a huge basket of fruit was delivered to our room, and after not having breakfast that fruit never looked so good!  From there we ventured out to look at a couple of apartments. It felt like we had walked from one end of the city to the other (we had decided against renting a car Saturday although I would’ve liked to get some driving practice in) looking at these two places. Continuing on with our own version of House Hunters International; the first place was brand spankin’ new and was pretty decently sized. The downfall of this place was that it was in a complex with other similar apartment buildings that were still under construction, there was even a vacant lot across the street that was the future site of another complex. I’m not so sure about living in construction for the next three years… The second place was a referral from one of Sean’s coworkers so we were seeing it without any picture previews in advance. The whole way there Sean was saying “you just wait, you’ll see the place, and then fall in love with it but the stairs will be a killer”, and he was oh so right! Damn him! The apartment was blocks from where he works, and the rooms were HUGE, which is not very common here. Also another perk is that most of the building was occupied by Americans who work at the same building as him. But those stairs… There were about two flights of stairs to make it up before getting to the main floor of the building and then the elevator was the size of a phone booth. Not so double stroller friendly. In fact, we had to leave the stroller downstairs and take the boys up in their car seats…fun, fun.

Sunday we had an amazing buffet breakfast at the hotel. I even had myself two servings of crème brulee for breakfast, mmmm tasty! This hotel is very upper class. So upper class in fact that I feel under dressed going to breakfast wearing jeans and a nice top, even Sean dressed for work in his nicely pressed pants and button up shirt seems under dressed at times. Needless to say this is not your ‘show up to continental breakfast in your pj’s and fuzzy slippers’ kind of a buffet breakfast. If champagne is served for breakfast, fuzzy slippers are not allowed. Unspoken rule number 137, I’d tell you to look it up, but its ‘unspoken’.

Our Sunday afternoon plans to go to a fall festival with pumpkin carving, a petting zoo, food, and carousel were foiled by the rain. We had the boys all packed up and were heading out the door of the hotel when we noticed the rain, and it rained, and rained, and rained. We were bored out of our minds cooped up in the room the entire day.

Ohhhhh by the way… Remember my fertile mertle sister Michelle with the baby on the way I lovingly call seamonkey? I had the best time skyping with her during her ultrasound (thank you technology!) and she has broken the ‘curse’. She’s having the first girl in the family! Someone is getting lots and lots of bows from Germany! In other news, Liam had his second tooth pop through and he is still working on crawling. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth but hasn’t figured out the one limb at a time concept. Abram is still a fan of blowing raspberries but he also makes kissing noises now. Sometimes the kisses sound kind of like he is oinking, therefore, piggy kisses! He’s also working on a cold and leaves lovely snot rockets behind on our shoulders after carrying him around. I hope the cold doesn’t get much worse otherwise we will be off to our first trip to a German pediatrician.

And because I am feeling a little home sick these days, I’m sharring photos from the pumpkin patch our last day in Nebraska. Please note that I am a big kid at heart and was super stoked about doing all the things there meant for kids…


2 responses to “Migity Mush

  1. Love your blogs. Creme brulee for breakfast??? No fair!! Talking about hotel rooms & what they give you along with it……While on our trip, we stayed in some lovely, old, quaint hotels at reasonable prices. We got free internet & breakfast every morning. The last place we stayed was booked by the guy that took care of getting our airline tickets. We got into Frankfurt at 10:30 at night & had to be ready to go again at 7:30 in the morning so he booked us in to the Sheriton which is connected to the airport. All we had to do was walk over there. Well, suffice it to say it was THE MOST EXPENSIVE, OUTRAGELY PRICED hotel we were in. And they wanted to charge extra for the internet & the breakfast. Your Uncle Keith said it was the 1st time he got —–ed & didn’t enjoy it. Love you all. M

  2. I can picture him saying something like that! Too funny! Well not funny that he didn’t enjoy “it”, but you know what I mean. 😉 love you guys!

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