A Sleuth of Bears

Alas!  Another update from Germany!  Things have been crazy slow around here, or so it seems sitting around in a hotel room. The car should be arriving sometime this coming week so going out and doing more is a must!  Since the last blog post I’ve had the chance to make “friends” with the staff around the hotel.  I feel sorry for the cleaning guy; he never gets a day off…ever.  The man is very nice and will sometimes talk to the boys in German, but it’s his accent that got him dubbed “Borat” by Sean and I.  Well, it also doesn’t help that he looks like Borat too… This man is persistent and wants to clean your room every day.  Even days that I have the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door he will call and ask if it’s okay for him to come get the trash.  The day that I agreed to him getting the trash he sneakily cleaned the bathroom too.  When he didn’t come back with a trash bag liner I looked around and sure enough there he was down on all fours with his rear end sticking out of the bathroom door.  Apparently getting the trash means scrubbing the bathroom floor and making the beds too…

Did you know that a group of bears is called a sleuth?  Neither did I but my handy dandy oatmeal packet just told me so.  Nothing like eating instant oatmeal and blogging to pass the time.

Back to the staff… Then there is “Coffee Guy”.  We like coffee guy because he helps pump our veins with much need caffeine.  Thank goodness for Coffee Guy!  He likes to talk to me about Wiesbaden and help me get a better idea of what I am getting myself into living here.  One day I did have an interesting conversation with him where he asked if I was young.  Although I am now on the downhill slide towards 30 I still consider myself young, so I responded with “I guess I would consider myself young”.  He then proceeds to say “like around 17 right?”.  My inner child must show through more than I thought, better keep her in check!  Although personally I enjoy my inner child, she keeps me feisty.  Needless to say he was pretty shocked to discover I was in my late-mid-twenties.  Coffee Guy caught me in a pretty interesting pose yesterday.  I was down on the floor blowing on Abram’s stomach, getting much needed therapeutic baby giggles, when I heard an “aaaa hello?” come from behind me.  This wouldn’t have been so awkward if A. I hadn’t had my butt propped up in the air (think of how a cat stretches…yeah…that’s what it was like), and B. I wasn’t wearing the thinnest pajama bottoms I own that drape over every nook and cranny on my behind.  I’m pretty sure he was equally embarrassed because he said about two words to me and skedaddled his way out of the room.

Besides getting to know the staff Sean and I did look at a couple more places to live.  The first place doesn’t even need mentioning.  One quick glance around in there and I crossed that one off my list with a giant red sharpie.  However, our ‘House Hunters International Google Translate Style’ has come to an end with the final place we looked at.  Never in a million years would I be able to consider myself a Penthouse Snob, but come end of day today we sign on the dotted line for the new place.  The penthouse is ah-maz-ing!  It’s three bedrooms, two baths, with an open kitchen, dining, and living area. The wall that spans between the three spaces is solid windows and opens up onto a balcony that runs the entire distance of the penthouse.  Although it’s not in the mountains like the house we liked, but with it being the top floor the views are still pretty stunning.  It meets all of our needs, and wants.  It’s all one level (most the places we were looking at were around 4+ floors), and the bonus is there is an elevator that opens directly into the penthouse.  When getting into the elevator with someone else and they ask what floor I’m going to, I can be all “psssht, please…” and whip out the fancy key for the penthouse.  Not that I would ever really do that…but I could. The style of the penthouse is very modern and is built in a housing area that is Bauhaus style (my design gurus know what I mean).  In other words, the esthetic of the space is very “us”.  Did I mention there is a sauna in the master bathroom?  A freakin’ sauna!!!  This place is a complete 180 from our little house in good ol’ Wahoo.  Hopefully this new place will feel just as much like home as Wahoo always did.  Once the big boat arrives with all of belongings I’ll update with photos.

In other news… We got the boys costumes for Halloween yesterday!  Too bad I’m not telling what they’re going to be, you’ll just have sit in utter suspense until my next blog post.  Also, mom and dad are coming for Christmas!  The next six weeks until they get here will probably be some of the longest weeks ever.  No worries mom…I already have a place picked out for the Christmas tree in the penthouse!  Oh, and for those of you who follow me on Pinterest…I apologize for being a pinning who**.  Apparently I think I am going to become this magical housewife with amazing style that cooks 5 course dinners, and does amazing things to have the most well behaved, brilliant, kids ever…  Maybe the brilliant kids part isn’t so fictitious (again, my blog) but 5 course dinners…not so much.


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