Mom of Goats

Here it is! The post you have all been so patiently waiting for since my last blog post with the teaser about the kiddos in their costumes. Well feast your eyes on the cuteness!

Happy Halloween from all of us!
Abram – Banana, Liam – Monkey

Let’s face it, babies in costumes are pretty much the cutest thing on the planet (seriously, they are right up there with baby penguins, and baby penguins are a whole lot-a cute). Of course I think my babies in their costumes are at the top of the cute list, if there is such a list. I, for some odd reason, just imagined angelic baby cherubs with a massive baby costume list checking it twice. I bet those cherubs were pretty busy yesterday. Oh the random thoughts of a stay at hotel mom…The bonus for us as parents of two cute babies on Halloween, we get to keep the candy! Although Liam was pretty proud of his loot, he was so proud of his trick-or-treat bag that he carried it the entire 20 minute duration it took to make it down the hallway at the ACS building that we trick-or-treated at here in Wiesbaden, Germany. I have to admit though, having babies this year to take around gathering up goodies is a bit of a 180 from Sean and I’s typical Halloween festivities. Every year that we have been together Sean and I have gone out as a couple in costume and always lived the night up. The first year we went out it was as Harry Potter, and a fellow witch from Harry’s school (I don’t really fit any of the females from that series so I was just a fellow classmate). Then there was Sandy, and Danny from Grease (that was an interesting year… I caught one of Sean’s friends checking me out. His eyes started at my feet and I watched them move all the way up until he met my eyes and then the “oh shit, I just got caught checking out my friend’s fiancé” face took over). Last year was special… Because I was pregnant, Sean went out and got us both black long sleeve shirts and sweat pants and proceeded to very carefully created a skeleton on both but his skeleton’s stomach had a hamburger and fries while mine had two baby skeletons in its stomach. It was by far my most favorite costume even it though it wasn’t “sexy”.

Halloween 2011

In other news, we are no longer owners of a residence in the USA! Whew, what a relief! I was honestly prepared to have the house on the market for a long time… I figured a humble little house in small town Nebraska is not on the top of most people’s dream homes. My heart is a little heavy though, I have a lot of memories in that home. I just hope the new owners love it just as much as we did.

And a baby update… Liam has discovered his love for saying “dadadada”, which although it makes me slightly jealous, is pretty funny to listen to. I’ll lay him down from a nap and I’ll know he’s awake from this ever so quiet “dadada” coming from the crib, and if I don’t get him right away the “dadada” gets pretty serious…like “DADADADAMNIT MOM COME GET ME!”. No, I don’t just let my baby sit in his crib, but when you have two babies you cannot get to them both right away. I’d need an extra set of “go-go gadget arms” to be the perfect stay at hotel mom of twins. Liam has also discovered his love of toes, my toes… I think he knows that when I am pumping I can’t go anywhere since I am hooked up to a super awesome milk machine, and I kid you not, that little turd comes scooting across the floor like he is going to put out a fire, and bites my toes! He may only have two teeth but those teeth are something to be feared! Both babies have taken a liking to chewing on…metal…yes, metal. All of the legs of the furniture in the hotel room are made of metal and they do what they can to get to it. I’ll be playing with one baby when I hear a scratching coming from behind me (which to me, is like fingernails on a chalkboard) and here is one of them going to town on a leg of the coffee table. You’d think I’d given birth to goats! Sometimes I have the urge to have a lick for myself to see what’s so delish about the metal in this room… Needless to say moving day cannot come soon enough!


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