Muskrat Huntin’ is Serious Biz…

Back by popular demand! Warning! This post contains poor choice in language, movie quotes, and is not suitable for children. If you take offense to foul language and terms referring to bodily functions do not read this post! My sister and I have a unique sense of humor that some may not appreciate…therefore if you read this and don’t like it, it’s your fault because you were warned.

Conversation between twin sisters:

Me: You know those stupid “donate to the ASPCA” and other similar commercials?
Michelle: Yeah
Me: They have one here that is literally “save the donkeys”
Michelle: LOL
Me: I laughed like a freaking hyena when I saw that
Michelle: The commercial?
Me: Yeah
Michelle: Save an ass…sounds like a political slings
Me: And I lol’d to your comment but the babies are sleeping so I had to keep the laugh on the DL
Michelle: LOL
Me: Sean didn’t believe me when I told him
Michelle: LOL
Me: So how was last night?
Michelle: Fun.
Gavin had a belly ache this morning.
Me: Wonder why…? 😉
Michelle: Darn kid discovered cheese puffs.
Me: I saw he went as a duck
Nom nom nom

Michelle: Yup. He agreed to that one.
He was like a freaking squirrel packing away cheese puffs for winter!
Me: Hahaha
Michelle: Every time I turned around he had a little hand in the cheese puff jar. Turkey
Me: Was the neighbor thing fun?
Michelle: Yeah. Got to hang out with the neighbors and some that we had yet to meet. Gavin had fun playing with all the kids.
Me: I bet. Did you dress up???
Michelle: Nope
I worked late
We’re going muskrat hunting tonight…should be interesting.
Me: Be vewy vewy quiet…
How do you intend on killing them?

Michelle: A rifle…
My bare hands…
Me: You gonna bust a cap in that muskrat biatch?!?
Michelle: We own a shotgun and a rifle now.
LOL. Giggle
Me: Better role up on some 20’s to let it know you mean serious biz…
I’m so putting this conversation on my blog… Consider yourself warned.

Michelle: LOL
I’m sure pictures will be coming of our gangsta outing.
Me: Yes!!!
Michelle: Nick wants me to shoot it.
Me: You going to go white girl gangsta motha fucka!!!
Michelle: Ok…calm down now.
Me: (Say that with an Asian accent)
Michelle: /Monty Python
You going to fart in it’s general direction?

Michelle: And chuck cows at it.
Me: That should surely take care of the muskrat infestation…
Michelle: Giggle
I told nick about our conversation
Me: LOL, I can only imagine
Michelle: His response, “you could have said you would yell at it, “Your mother was a hamster…” but that may not be that offensive.”
Me: Bahahaha
And your father smelled of elderberries!

Michelle: Wow…we’re special

Yes Michelle…yes we are…


2 responses to “Muskrat Huntin’ is Serious Biz…

  1. Apparently we can hunt these darn over grown love children of a sewer rat and a beaver…we have to trap the darn things because they’re a fur animal. No to whoever wears these things….I’m giving you a sideways glance…ick.

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