I’m 10 Months Overdue For a Nap!

Today I am setting aside the second half of the ‘Christmas Adventures with My Parents’ blog post to bring you a ten month update on the minis.  It’s hard for me to even imagine that they are already ten months old; around this time last year my sisters were throwing Sean and I an awesome baby shower.  Fast forward a year later and I have two feisty, fun loving babies.

Both boys are popping out teeth faster than a dentist on a Friday afternoon, which has caused some drawn out nights but nothing crazy horrible like the week Sean was on vacation for work.  They also have a new found appreciation for bath time, and pulling them out of the bath results in a screaming choir that could be used as cruel and unusual punishment if exposed to it for long periods of time.  Abram finally decided that he had enough bullying from Liam and is now sitting and crawling which makes fighting off Liam’s bulldozing much easier.  Imagine that… Liam has discovered his love of food, and will eat anything you put in front of him, although he will side eye cottage cheese before letting it enter his mouth.  His newest fun noise?  I call it the happy growl.  Take an 80 year old man’s voice who has been smoking since he was 12 and stick that into a 10 month old baby, and now picture this…he smiles while growling with his emphysema voice. Cute huh?

This past Sunday we celebrated by taking a few photos of the boys which turned into an all-day baby chasing adventure.  I’ll tell you what; it’s a lot easier having the two of us to pose the boys versus one while the other snaps off as many shots as they can before the minis sprint off in opposite directions.  Here’s a sneak peek from their photo shoot via mom and dad…

P.S. All photos were taken by my husband and me and therefore belong to us.  If for some reason you would like a copy of an image please contact me before even thinking about snatching it off this blog.  “I will find you…” (imagine that in Liam Neeson voice from the movie ‘Taken’).


5 responses to “I’m 10 Months Overdue For a Nap!

  1. The boys sure have grown, and very handsome. Sounds like there a hand full. Think about you and your family lots. May GOD continue to bless you and your family and keep you safe.. Love you all

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