Blanket of Denial


You can thank my husband for stealing my blog post about Venice… He took our laptop with him on another one of his work vacations thus taking my saved Word document where the magic of Venice was being contained. Okay, so honestly it’s my fault because I had the post written for several days but was taking my sweet time looking back over photos trying to decide which ones to include. How does one pick just a few photos from the best three days of their life?!?

In the mean time, I’ll post an update about my babies. I’m slumped under a blanket of denial, all nice and cozy warm, from the harsh reality that I now have toddlers. They celebrated their first birthday this past week (ill post photos when my love returns with the photo card stashed away in the laptop he stole) with friends and loved ones near and far. Although I was a little flustered when their party first started (I had no makeup on, only one food dish was prepared, and my house wasn’t “Danielle” clean (although I don’t think it’s been “Danielle” clean for the past 365 days…)) it still turned out really well.

With all the traveling they’ve done in their short time here on earth, Sean and I decided on a ‘travel’ theme for their party. Their cake was a vintage suitcase, that we paid way too much money for and being the architect that Sean is…it wasn’t detailed enough so he ended up going back over it with food coloring pens to “touch it up” a bit, and their smash cakes were little passports. Looking back now, I should have told the bakery to lay off the fondant for their smash cakes because fondant, although pretty, is not smash-able in the slightest. Thank goodness for the added whip cream that held the little ‘1’ candles in place otherwise there would not have been a cute mess of baby goodness to be had. Beyond the cakes, there were vintage maps of Europe folded into paper airplanes suspended from the ceiling, balloons, and ‘Happy Birthday’ banners in both English and German. Well there was a German one until Abram decided it looked delicious and proceeded to ‘nom’ it in two before we realized it. Here’s a tip to future parents of one-year-olds, although walkers may contain the baby, his little limbs are like ‘Go-go Gadget’ and will extend to great lengths to reach anything, especially shiny brightly colored birthday banners.

My twin sister along with new baby seamonkey (which I discussed her birth in the Venice post but you’ll have to wait on that…), my parents, brother, and sister-in-laws joined in thanks to the wonderful interwebs, but man was that a pain in the arse!!! We should have tested it sooner but apparently in order to do a Skype video conference everyone has to have the latest version downloaded or it doesn’t work. Our obsession with electronics paid off during the event with every iPad, iPhone, and laptop we own in attendance giving everyone from back home a front row seat from their own screens. Although, I could have done without the “tilt me down, all I can see are the tops of their heads!”, “move your foot!”, “a little more to the left!”…you’d thought I was doing some kind of modeling photo session with all the directions I was being given.

In the end though, the babies had a blast, we had a blast, and now have some new toys to investigate along with books to read. Thank you to everyone who made the day special!

Oh, and here is what’s new with the babies. Abram is a chatterbox, although we can’t understand a word he says, he is very adamant that you listen and will point and wave to demonstrate the serious matter at hand. He’s also working on some molars…hooray (you can hear the overwhelming sarcasm in that right? Good.). Sean desperately wants to have his hair cut but those little curls in his baby mullet are the last little bit of ‘baby’ I’m clinging to. Liam is attempting to walk (EEEEEKKKKK!). He will stand for long periods of time but taking steps is hard work, he’s managed to take three consecutive steps before he decides he’d rather sit than fall down. I happened to be on FaceTime with my parents the first Liam decided to just stand up, all on his own with no help from anyone or anything. I think he was just as surprised as I was! They’ve taken a new liking to chewing on their dresser…my little goats have turned into beavers. They’ll open the middle drawer, which is right at mouth level, pull everything out and chew the heck out of the raw wood sides of the drawers. I’m waiting for Sean to get home to show him the devastation little teeth cause to furniture in hopes he’ll get me the locks I so desperately want. My mom is happier than clam sitting back, listening to my stories of soon to be mobile babies and all the crazy stuff they do knowing that the world has come full circle. Karma people…karma.


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