What not to say during a urology appointment…

I’m not even sure how to begin this post…  Just thinking about my lovely husband’s actions yesterday makes me blush and get all giggly like an immature schoolgirl who’s said a naughty word for the first time.  However immature his actions may have been, it was a welcome relief from the fact we were sitting in an urologist’s office because of our sweet Liam.

Being that it was a urology office I’m fairly certain that you can imagine the type of goodies readily available on the doctor’s desk (think goodies…like ‘the goods’ kind of goodies…), and what does one’s husband do with such readily available goodies you might ask?  He plays with them.  I don’t know what it was about the penis shaped sign with a little pump-like looking thing attached to it, but Sean just had to play with it.  In my head I am going “huh…look at that…oh God, he’s going for it…and I think he just broke it…”.  Yes, my dearest husband was a little too inquisitive with the penis-pump-looking contraption and it ultimately ended up not looking like the way it had upon entering the room.  I’m just happy he wasn’t caught in action.

You’d think the doctor walking in would be the end of the comedic acts, but no…not my husband.  Here I am holding Liam’s leg while the doctor is examining him, all the while the doctor has his back turned to me and is talking to Sean.  The doctor discusses with Sean about the Liam’s anatomy and that is when Sean gave the doctor a little insider tip about the way he views Liam’s anatomy, and proceeds to tell the doctor “He’s a grower, not a shower!”.  Cue instantaneous hot flash and look of horror on my face.  In complete shock I begin to laugh hysterically on the inside, meaning there was no sound coming from me but my whole body was shaking violently with laughter (which probably means Liam’s leg was shaking too).  Just when I thought I had the laughter under control, here was Sean staring back at me with the biggest grin on his face, and the violent internal laughter started all over again.

Gah, that poor doctor…  I’m not even sure he understood what Sean said but his “ya” in response was priceless.

As soon as the doctor left Sean looks at me and says, “this is going in your blog isn’t it?”…why yes dear husband, it is…

P.S. I love that my husband is such a good sport about this blog and the things I say. Not everyone would let their wife tell the world their entire story.  Even after such embarrassment, I love him.

Sean with Liam who is about three months old. (We were still back in the US when this photo was taken).

Sean with Liam who is about three months old. (We were still back in the US when this photo was taken).


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