10 Before 30

Today as we are preparing to leave on a last-minute adventure I am sitting here, while everyone sleeps in hopes of avoiding the “Why are you blogging and not getting ready?!?” comment from both my mom, and Sean.  Try, if you will, imagining three adults and two toddlers babies in their car seats packed into a Mazda3.  Sounds exciting huh? Anyway, I have been working on that additional page for several months now and have been putting off publishing it due to some major writers block (Or list block maybe? Lack of knowing what my own dreams are? I have no idea…).  I’ve made it a third of the way through my ’30 Before 30’ list but now I’m stumped.  To put ones goals down on paper, published for the world is not an easy task. Today, I will be getting one step closer to accomplishing one of the goals on that list so today is the day, I will publish my half list so everyone  knows that I didn’t just make it up as I went along.  Here is the thing though…I need help, some serious help, in finishing this list.

Do you have a list of goals you want to accomplish before a certain time, and if you don’t mind me asking…what’s on your list?  Maybe hearing from my audience will stir my deep-down brewing dreams up to the surface.

P.S.  Abram had his first haircut two days ago…*sigh*.  It’s amazing how people’s “Is this one a girl?” comments can motivate a guy to have his son’s brilliant golden flowing curls cut off.  I wasn’t even given a warning! Sean came home and announced the night before “Oh, by the way, I made a haircut appointment for Abram tomorrow morning at 10am.”.  My face, I’m sure went through several different expressions in a matter of a millisecond.  In the end though, Abram didn’t mind his haircut at all, and he still has his long blond locks…just no more curls.

Here it is...the traumatic haircut (for me, not him).

Here it is…the traumatic haircut (for me, not him).


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