I’m pretty sure there are a few cities here in Germany that have quite the hangover after last night’s soccer football game with a victory over Barcelona, Spain.  Looks like there will be an all German final in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE at Wembley, Dortmund and Bayern.  CHEERS to you Germany!

That being said, it reminds me of a funny thing that happened a couple of weekends ago which started with and adventure to the Frankfurt zoo with the Minis.  The train ride to the zoo was rather uneventful other than the guy who attempted to hide by ducking down out of sight from the gentlemen who boarded to check everyone’s tickets (it’s all done at random here so there are times when no one checks that you have a ticket, a sort of ‘honor system’).  He was kicked off at the next stop and everyone let out a chuckle at his rather lame attempt at hiding (here’s a tip, if your over six-foot tall, ducking down doesn’t really work).  Anyway, back to the story…

The zoo adventure was rather typical, consisting of pictures of the boys with various animals, and them being somewhat clueless as to what is going on.

But then there was the XXX show that the peacocks put on during our lunch.  Here I was enjoying his display of feathers and dance consisting of vigorous vibration of his tail feathers at the potential mate who was more enjoying pecking at rocks than his jig.  In my head I’m thinking, huh…she kind of represents some women’s outlook on sex…”I’ll be over here pecking at this rock, either hop on hop off, but don’t mind me if I keep pecking away while you’re at it”.  Go get ‘em tiger peacock.

Do a little dance...make a little love...get down tonight!

Do a little dance…make a little love…get down tonight!

The penguins were probably the boys’ favorite.  I’m fairly certain they’d still be there watching them swim back and forth, back and forth…if they didn’t have a need for such things as food, and sleep.

We love us some penguins!

We love us some penguins!

We ended the trip with a visit to the tiger, and man was I glad there was glass between him and the boys.  I swore he looked at them like they’d make a good Thanksgiving turkey.

Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a BABY by his toe!

Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a BABY by his toe!

The train ride home was much more eventful than the ride there.  You see, we just so happened to pick the train that stopped near the soccer football stadium right after Frankfurt won.  Cue onslaught of Germans full of beer to their eyeballs and some still carrying their precious steins.  I have never been on a train so packed!  Somehow, a younger fellow with beer in hand ended up in such a way that he was facing towards Abram in his stroller and me standing behind it.  Drunk man immediately starts talking to Abram in German and then of course asking me all sorts of questions in German, very few I understood and was able to respond.  Thankfully, or maybe not thankfully, he spoke English so it made for an interesting trip.  Here’s Abram noming away on his cereal while watching the drunk man intently, when the man shapes his hand into a fist and proceeds to tell Abram to “BUMP IT!”.  Abram, not amused just shoves more cereal in. Again, the guy insists that Abram “BUMP IT!”, to which Abram responds by slightly moving his hand in the direction of the man’s fist but then it makes a shape detour with his pointer finger erect, straight into his nose.  There was no more ‘bumping’ to be had…


All of my loves!

All of my loves!


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