Hitting Pause

This past week I might as well have worn the ‘deputy digger’ badge, I mean…that’s what every mom wants for Mother’s Day right?  To be the ultimate nose picker?  Yeah, I didn’t think so, but that’s what we mothers do when our babies become Niagara Nose Falls.  There were times that I thought about strapping a roll of toilet paper to my belt, because that honestly would have been much more convenient than the damp wad of tissues I had collected in my pockets.  Here I am chasing one twin with a mass of tissues in hand while attempting to keep the other from whipping his gobbles of goobers on his brother. My little guys could have easily had hours of fun on their own personal snot slip and slides had I not intervened.

The little snot monsters have me so desperately wanting them to learn to blow their own noses, but let’s face it, they’d rather eat the tissue than use it for productive purposes. That being said, it got me thinking about the things my boys have learned in their short existence on this earth.  I have a calendar for each boy laying out significant dates; the first smile, the back to front roll over, first tooth, and even the first steps… What I don’t have recorded in that calendar though, is their lasts… Have you ever thought about the last time your baby did something, even something so simple but yet made you smile or laugh so hard you’d cry? Why have I not recorded any of those moments? When did they stop?

Abram, for instance, had the ability to kick, or rather run, for hours on end.  Here he was, happy as a clam laying on his back just running (say that with a ‘Forest Gump’ accent…run-naing).  I’m fairly certain he has run a few marathons in all those tiny little kicks. Sean and I were looking back over videos we had shared on Facebook of the boys and came across one of the many running videos (or we called it his “River Dance” in this video), and I had to stop and think when was the last time he had done that…when did he stop? Was it a progression or did he just quit cold turkey?  I can’t tell you.

I came across another one of Abram sucking on a pacifier which he hasn’t used in a long time unlike Liam.  He decided early on that the pacifier was too much work and that a thumb was easier to find in the middle of the night.  But did I make note of that in his calendar…no.  We did just recently pull Liam’s plug (so no more pacifier pictures from him), which was kind of awful for the first couple of days but he’s doing just fine without it.  But again, did I make note of that…no.

Abram sure does enjoy that thumb of his!

Abram sure does enjoy that thumb of his!

When did family nap time end?

This happens a lot the first month with twins...

This happens a lot the first month with twins…

When did milk coma’s or intimate chats on our knees end?

Propped up knees are the ultimate newborn 'must have' item.

Propped up knees are the ultimate newborn ‘must have’ item.

Liam is a very expressive talker.

Liam is a very expressive talker.

Or twin snuggles?

The moments that make your heart melt...

The moments that make your heart melt…

Liam’s awesome bubble blowing skills?

Liam, aka, tiny bubbles.

Liam, aka, tiny bubbles.

There are so many times I wish I could hit the fast forward button on life, but hitting pause would make me so happy.

Happy Mother’s Day…

…here’s to appreciating life’s littlest moments.


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