She likes me, She really likes me!

inspiringbloggerawardThe past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and I know that it’s not going to be dying down anytime soon.  I’m sure with the upcoming travel plans the next two months are going to be gone in the blink of an eye, which honestly makes me kind of sad to think about.  With that being said, there was one momentous event that happened this weekend… I was nominated for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by fellow blogger, Carli McKinney, over at Raising Mayhem.  I recommend you go check her blog out if you get the chance, it’s not often you can come across a down-to-earth yet funny stay-at-home mom and soon to be mom of twins.  I’m very honored to have been nominated especially considering it came from a peer of mine, don’t get me wrong, I love you mom and dad, but hearing from a fellow blogger that they think I’m pretty awesome is…well awesome!

Here are the rules for the award, so if I nominate you, please feel free to play along!

  1. Display      the Award Certificate on your website.
  2. Announce      your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  3. Present 15      awards to deserving bloggers. (I really encourage this one because the overwhelming emotion of gratitude was freaking awesome, and who wouldn’t want to feel that?!?)
  4. Drop them      a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7      interesting things about yourself.

I know that the rules state 15 other bloggers, but to be blunt…I don’t have time to follow 15 other bloggers (I rarely even have time to blog myself, ha!) and know them well enough to pass on the award. I am sure there are plenty of random bloggers I come across that are well and deserving of the award but I want to share it with the few that I have connected with in my time as a blogger. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Shift, because the only constant is change
  2. A Game of Diapers, Mommy musings about life with newborn twins, a toddler and parenting.
  3. Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife, Life, Love and thing that matter…
  4. Journey to The Finish Line, Happing a course in motherhood, running, and everything in between.
  5. Chasing a Daredevil & Raising Twins
  6. Double Story, Life and times of twin parents.

Now on to the seven interesting things about me…  Are you sure you really want seven?  I’m kind of a weird individual, and a weird individual who has given herself too much time to put this list together.  Seriously, I’m warning you.

  1. I have to shut my left eye when blowing my nose otherwise I blow bubbles out of my tear duct. That’s thanks to too many headers in my soccer days.
  2. When I first found out I was pregnant I peed on a lot of pregnancy tests, and not those big ol’ tests that look like magic wands, I’m talking pee sticks the size of a fluffy cocktail toothpick.  I was so proud of that first positive test that I could never bring myself to throw it away so it now resides in my bathroom medicine cabinet.  I feel sorry for the poor fellow who had to pack my pee stick when we moved here.
  3. My stomach can do some pretty sweet party tricks (not that I go to parties) thanks to my sever diastasis recti.  Non-medical term…it means my abs busted apart like Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt apart over the period of eight months when I was pregnant with the boys, a whopping five inches apart!
Fifty Pence Up

Fifty Pence Up

Fifty Pence Down

Fifty Pence Down

  1. When I was in the fourth grade I let one rip during a quiz at school and blamed it on the plump boy I sat next to with a single point of the finger in his direction when kids in front of us turned to look.  I’m sorry Andrew…wherever you are!
  2. My personal record for the most times juggling a soccer ball consecutively was achieved in my parent’s basement, 123.
  3. I once lost 30 pounds in a matter of only two months thanks to taking the “Special K” diet to the extreme. I’d wake up so hungry in the middle of the night I would eat ice cubes in a lame attempt to trick myself into thinking I was actually eating.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT! Even with that radical post breakup weight loss, I’m at the smallest I’ve ever been since I was a freshman in high school, losing a total of 63 pounds after having the boys (a little over 12 pounds of that being baby weight) and 32 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.
  4.  The two things I miss the most from back home (other than the obvious of family and friends) is the smell of an incoming rain, and a garbage disposal. I seriously loath scrapping the muck out of the bottom of the sink after washing dishes.

If you didn’t think I was a least somewhat crazy before, I bet you do now!

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