I Drank From the Fountain…I Will Return!

Life seems to be slowing down a bit these days, which is perfectly fine by me. I’m ready to get back to the monotonous droning of daily life. Literally a week after getting back from the States and still jetlagged like a zombie from the worst type of horror flick, we were off to Spain for ten days (which worked fabulously to kick the jetlag in the arse), only to return for three days and then back off again to tag along on a work trip to Ramstein, Germany.

Spain was enchanting to say the least. The city of Barcelona has a certain sex appeal that I can’t quite describe…between the food, the people, and the warm climate…just wonderful. I have to admit, I’m rather jealous of the women there, or maybe it’s just the overall attitude of women, but feeling pretty no matter your size/shape you are would be fabulous. These days I wouldn’t even begin to imagine myself in a bikini but you bet your bottom dollar that 90% of the women we saw on the beach were in bikinis and of that 90% I would say that about 30-40% of them were topless. Needless to say, we didn’t get pictures of the boys at the beach because every photo would have been photo bombed by scantily clad ladies.

Of course while we were in Spain we took in all the amazing architectural sites. Yet again getting to take in pieces of architecture history that I only ever imagined seeing in the textbooks I had from college. Not to put words in my husband’s mouth, but I’m fairly certain our favorite was the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe…ahhh Mies…love me some Mies! While we were all walking around (yes, the boys got to walk around and take in all that the Pavilion had to offer too, Abram even found the one spot a kiddo could hide given that it’s a minimalist building) a woman stopped me and asked “Is this all there is to see?”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to roll around on the ground laughing or grab the lady by her shoulders and shake some sense into her. What do you mean “all there is to see”?!?! Psshhht!

Also, I think it goes without saying (but I will anyway because what else is a writer to do?), but we also took in all the best of the Gaudi sites Barcelona had to offer. Liam can even claim future bragging rights that he had his diaper changed at the famous Park Guell by Gaudi (and I don’t mean in a bathroom like decent people would, but rather by one of the twisting columns in the upper outdoor area, don’t worry…we were discreet about it). Hands down though, Sagrada Familia is the best of Gaudi in my opinion, followed closely by some of the private residences he has designed.

Some of the best days were spent with no agenda and no particular places in mind to see, just wandering around taking in what the city had to offer. We meandered up and down the La Ramblas, of course making sure to stop and drink from the fountain ensuring that we would someday return to Barcelona. We even somehow managed to find our way into a crazy farmers market with all sorts of exotic foods, and a church that I wasn’t allowed into because I didn’t have anything to cover my shoulders. Too bad considering I didn’t bring a single top that had sleeves. This white, pasty, almost translucent girl wanted to attempt a tan. Typically the pattern goes pasty girl burns to a glowing lobster red…pasty girl sheds her lobster shell…pasty girl is just as white prior to lobster status but now has several new fascinating freckles. I’m pretty sure I found the little dipper’s youngest brother on my forearm the other day. The only tan I accomplished on my trip was on my feet, thanks for the genetic hand-me-down mom…

Liam may not have enjoyed being splashed but at least we can say we're destined to return to Barcelona!

Liam may not have enjoyed being splashed but at least we can say we’re destined to return to Barcelona!

That evening we took in the wonderful Magic Fountain show, several times actually. At first we were down so close you could feel the mist from the fountain as gusts of air carried the perfectly sculpted water away. Just seeing the fountain dance to the music was fun, but as night fell, seeing it lite up made it all the more enchanted. I found it rather humorous though, there was a Harley Davidson rally going on the plaza right below the Magic fountain which is somewhat of a contradiction the majesty of the fountain. Don’t get me wrong, I find Harleys to be incredibly exciting and have ridden on a few in my days, but to see people wearing either tons of leather, or hardly anything at all next to tourist wearing their Sunday best is an interesting site to say the least. It was at the Harley rally earlier that day that Liam all of the sudden, without any warning, started to dance. With his mouth busting at the seams with bruschetta, his little arms began waving along to the music crossing over one another in moves I’ve never seen before. Not sure where he got it from, but it sure made my day!

After having our fill of the Barcelona sex appeal we rented a car and headed about 4 hours north to the beautiful city of Bilbao. I had wanted so desperately to take a detour to Pamplona to take in just a hint of the ‘Running of the Bulls’, but Sean convinced me that crazy crowds and a stampede of pissed off bulls may not be the best for our little guys. Our main goal for the trip to Bilbao was to see the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry. Man can that guy create some crazy architecture! Unfortunately though, both boys came down with something and ended up with awful fevers followed by a rash…not fun. Thank goodness though the rash didn’t seem to bother them any. What didn’t help the fevers was the fact our hotel room didn’t have any air-conditioning. The rest of the hotel did…but not the rooms…ugh. Sean even made a joke with the reception desk guy about how hot it was, to which the guy turns around and bumps up his personal AC a couple notches. Sean was not impressed considering the fevers and the babies who had to sleep in diapers only just to keep them from crying out in the night and waking up sweaty messes.

We did make it out to the beach while in Bilbao, which although not the white sandy beaches from Barcelona, were still nice and had beautiful scenery with the rocky cliffs surrounding it on either side. Speaking of scenery…there was a little less scenery at this beach, if you catch my drift. With less boobage to contend with we were finally able to get some pictures. Abram seemed to like the water well enough, but Liam picked up his feet and wouldn’t let the landing gear come down if you were anywhere over water, or sand for that matter. He spent most of his time in the security from the evil sand and water on my lap situated on top of a towel.

In the days since returning back home not a whole lot has happened. Abram pooped in the tub again, which makes me feel utterly sorry for Liam. As soon as the floating mines appeared, I yelled “Abandon ship Liam! Abandon ship!”. How Abram can go all those months without tainting the water and then all the sudden since returning back to Germany he can’t seem to contain his tiny bowels is beyond me. Speaking of bath time, Abram pulled out the ultimate mooning…epic if you will. Sean took Abram into the bathroom, takes off his diaper which signals Abram to run as fast as his mini legs will take him, past Liam in the dining room who is riding on his little ATV, whom I was showing to his grandparents via FaceTime, Abram then realizes I am there watching Liam so he turns around with his bare bum and assumes the downward facing dog yoga position and proceeds to laugh hilariously between his legs right at the camera. Thank goodness his grandparents have a sense of humor because I’m fairly certain they could see more than the man in the moon that night. Liam has his moments of nudity too… The other day I went to get them up from a nap and there he was, diaper in hand. As a mom my mind went to all the worst places, “Was he finger painting with poo? Was he making miniature replicas of snowmen with his poo? Oh please lord tell me he didn’t think it was pudding!”. An angel smiled down on me that day, because to my astonishment, he hadn’t even wet the bed let alone create a fecal disaster.

Yes, I am going to end this blog post talking about fecal matter and nudity, because I can.


2 responses to “I Drank From the Fountain…I Will Return!

    • I like to think they enjoyed themselves! To be honest they did wonderfully, sometimes going all day without napping and being perfectly content on the move constantly.

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