I’ve been in the process of writing this post now for the past two days, finally deleting everything that I wrote and starting over. Don’t ask me why…because I couldn’t tell you, my thought process has been everything but focused. Personally, I blame it on my little scapegoats (Did you know that term dates back to biblical times? No? Now you do…). It’s been a few days in the making but both boys have turned into Amazon sized slugs leaving trails of goobers wherever they go, and their personal favorite slime spot? My shoulders. Although my knees are a close runner up. And as much as I have been trying to deny it, I’m starting to turn into a slug myself. Maybe Sean will let me use his shoulders as my personal cozy sliming location?

Speaking of Sean, thank goodness he is home. What a better time to come home than during a thick descending fog of sickness? I’m sure he totally appreciates the extra cuddles from all three of us. Okay, maybe me not so much considering he hunkers down on his side of the bed like he’s about to get catapulted with a plague infested toad (Note to self, look up ‘can toads carry plagues’, then look up to see if that question was added to the dumbest list of Google searches in 2013.). That being said, we did managed to get out of the house this past weekend for some fresh air before the fog had fully descended.

I don't think they'll get much farming done with a tractor like that…

I don’t think they’ll get much farming done with a tractor like that…

We went out looking for a wild animal type of a zoo in Mainz, but ended up finding a walking trail with an open field containing some interesting carvings. Among the carvings, was what I like to consider a prehistoric tractor. Liam was rather fond of the tractor…Abram was more interested in handing me sticks. I’m not sure what it is about that kid, but he likes to give me things…his brother’s sippy cup, his waffles, ameba sized particles that he can only see but I still graciously accept. I kind of love it though.

In further twin news, the boys are starting to finally pick up on a few words here and there. Honestly, I know that all kids learn in their own time but it was making me nervous, like I was doing something wrong. Just yesterday as I was cleaning up Abram at breakfast I hear Liam say “eye” and I look over and sure enough he is about to gouge his eye out with his little pointer finger. He was pretty proud of himself, as was I! Sean is rather proud of the fact that he taught Abram ‘nugs’, or rather fist bumping. It seems like all of the sudden the minis have turned into sponges, soaking up whatever Sean and I toss at them. Which is exciting and frightening all at the same time. I guess that means its time for me to clean up my act…or rather my mouth. Not that I curse like a sailor around the boys, but there have been a few slip-ups here and there. It would be just my luck that they’ll pick up on my saying ‘son of a biscuit!’ (thanks Michelle B. for reminding me of that lovely saying). Both boys are starting to grasp the concept of eating utensils, especially Abram who holds out his fork for all to see like ‘behold this noodle I have stabbed in my mom’s honor, I make her so proud!’, Liam on the other hand enjoys stabbing his food and then whipping it around until its flung off his fork with a proper ‘splat’ as it hits the closest surface. We’re still working on the fact that the bowl/plate is to stay on the table, not turned over and used as a ouija board to summon ghosts of past lunches. There’s no need for summoning angry fish sticks boys…

Next week we leave to follow Sean on another work trip, no where terribly exciting but better than hanging around the house I guess. I’m just hoping we are all healthy by then otherwise the fog will turn into a dense smoke, suffocating all of us in such close proximity to one another. As happy as I am to be going on these trips with Sean, they’re a reminder that the Liam’s first round of surgery is quickly approaching. We have one more pre-op appointment with an anesthesiologist, but then the day I’ve been dreading follows a week later. It just so happens that the day of his surgery is the anniversary of our arriving in Germany. Nothing says celebration like a doped up kid! Ugh…


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