A Donkey With a Hidden Talent

The day that you send your husband a text message containing an image of your son’s little boy bits is the day that you realize that ‘sexting’ is no longer an option.  Not that I was ever one to finagle in the ‘sexting’ game, but I could imagine that even if I tried now I would be like “Hey…you remember that time I sent you photo of our son’s family jewels while you were working? Oh wait, we’re supposed to be talking about the photo you just sent me right?”.  What else am I supposed to do though when I need a second opinion on the stitches when no one else is around?  I could ask his brother but I’m guessing that his answer would be along the lines of “Uh oh…buh bye”, which isn’t all that comforting when discussing your one’s manhood…or so I assume.   That being said, Liam pulled through surgery like a champ.  You’d never guess he even had surgery the way he was acting just a few hours later after the anesthesia wore off.  Thank goodness!  I’ll admit, I was scared that he was going to be in so much pain for several days and that we would constantly have to keep him and his brother separate to lessen the risk of roughhousing.  We even got news that he may not have to have the other side done, which would be a huge relief.

Abram's first time on a carousel.

Abram’s first time on a carousel.

Thinking that the surgery was going to make Liam a little more down-and-out than he actually was, we made sure to make his last weekend as a no-nuts-wonder a good one. We ventured down to the beautiful city of Ludwigsburg for their annual Pumpkin Festival.  The palace is stunning, but it was the gardens and fountains that were a sight to see, I’d imagine the gardens are a play ground for illustrators of all kinds.

Liam's first carousel ride!

Liam’s first carousel ride!

Would you believe me if I told you that it actually took us awhile to find the pumpkins?  We ended up taking a wrong turn and ending up a beautiful carrousel and being that the minis have yet to take part in the motion sickness pleasure of children from centuries past, it was a must do.  Abram was a little hesitant at first but quickly warmed up to it.  Sean jumped on the horse with Liam so I’m not sure which of them was having more  fun.

Ludwigsburg Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace

Once we made our way to the actual pumpkin festival portion of the palace grounds I was like a kid in a candy store.  Fall is by far my favorite season, and who doesn’t like Halloween?  Unless it’s something goes against your religious beliefs…but come on…where in all of these great books does it say that dressing up in fun costumes and getting candy from strangers isn’t acceptable?!?  Strangers + candy is okay in my mom handbook (but I guess that’s because until the kids know better, I will be getting 99% of their candy loot).  Sorry for the migity mush…back to the pumpkin festival.  Everywhere you looked there was something new and interesting to look at, and made entirely out of pumpkins.  This year’s theme was “sports” and I kid you not, there was a two story tall pumpkin man down hill skiing on a bed of white pumpkins. I’d say one of the highlights for Sean and I was the food.  No typical bratwurst and fries at this festival, no sir!  Everything offered had pumpkin ingredients so we feasted on the most delectable pumpkin “ravioli” (I’d call it more of a lasagna) and a spicy pumpkin rice mixture.  And what did I wash it all down with?  Pumpkin wine… Sean even really liked the pumpkin goodies which is saying a lot because he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy who doesn’t venture far from what he is accustomed to eating.

Pumpkin food is oh so tasty!

Pumpkin food is oh so tasty!

After our grand pumpkin feast we went out looking for the castle ruins we spotted on the hill as we descended to where the food was being served.  Being that we had our ever nimble double stroller we were forced to take a path without stairs which ended up meandering through a child’s dream consisting of a petting zoo with eager miniature goats waiting to snatch the pinky off of small child, a miniature German city with a river winding through it which allowed for boat rides along the city limits, a castle with a giant king on hydraulics that popped up out of the castle if someone knocked on the castle door, a maze made out of shrubbery, and the best of all…a donkey that spit gold coins.  No, I am not kidding in the slightest.  The group that I was with noticed that there was a place to insert coins on the belly of the donkey so being ever curious we asked someone what it did and we were told that it “shoots chocolate out it’s ass”.  Which I guess is kind of appropriate.  I was slightly bummed when I watched a little kid stick his money in and instead of the ass bearing gifts of chocolate, it spat out a gold coin.  However disappointed I was though, Sean still made sure that we tested the quality of chocolate this donkey produced.  I for one, will never eat chocolate spat from a fake donkey ever again.  Don’t do it kids!  Candy from strangers is much better! In the end, we found the castle ruins which only consisted of one remaining spire, but the road we traveled to find it was well worth the additional time.  It really makes me so excited for the when the boys are older and can appreciate the fun that such places bring to a young heart.

The boys enjoyed the pumpkins.

The boys enjoyed the pumpkins.


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