So Cliche…I’ve been busy.

I officially have less than two weeks to go before the whole family flies back to Nebraska for the holidays.  Now you’re sitting there thinking, “Wait a minute…back the truck up.  The last blog post you wrote was in the beginning of October, what sort of time warp disaster is this nonsense?”.  Which is honestly very accurate, a time warp indeed.  The weeks leading up to November, and the month of November seems like it ran away from me faster than the minis flaunting their adult electronics.

The weeks leading up to Halloween this happened…

Mom by day, ghoul by night.

Mom by day, ghoul by night.

Halloween does strange things to me.  Like make me want to volunteer for late nights for weeks on end, dressed as a French maid from the Rocky Horror Picture Show…song and dance included.  Mom and photographer by day, ghoul by night (although I am sure Sean would say that the ‘ghoul by night’ portion happens year round).  Seeing the expression on people’s faces as a 6’6″ man dressed in drag posing as Dr. Frank n Furter break out into a dance just inches from them was priceless.



Wrapping the month of October up with trick-or-treating with my mini minions, and one last night working the haunted house made the month of October a ‘win’ by my standards. P.S. to the guy dressed as the NSA (do you think they’ll be watching me now, perhaps hacking my phone?) you sir…get the ultimate Halloween costume high-five from me.  The man, dressed in all black with sunglasses and a satellite dish with NSA across the top, would walk around and stick the boom mic he was carrying down into unknowing people’s conversations.  Pretty darn funny.

Anyway…on to the month of November.  Instead of giving you the whole play by play…i’ll give you some statistics from my calendar.  For those who have high blood pressure or have stress related anxiety issues, I don’t recommend you read this portion.  It gives me anxiety just looking back at my calendar and I had to somehow scrape my way through all of this in a matter of four weeks.  Ready?  Here it goes…

Number of photo sessions total: 20, and here is that number broken down… 9 family sessions, 8 mini sessions (family), 1 couple’s session, 1 newborn (three weeks old), and 1 military ball.

Number of photography awards won: 1! It may have just been a local small competition, but with the local competition being thick with good photographers, I still count it as a good solid ‘1’ for me.


Birthday parties attended: 2, one for a lovely friend of mine, and the other for another pair of zwillinge ladies who turned one.

Being invaded in on by a German contractor: 1, but I think he learned his lesson.  Note to future contractors…do not simply show up at my home at 9am and expect me to be fully clothed, properly caffeinated, showered, and have my house in perfect working order. That for me takes a lot of time, precision, and calculated effort. If you do show up at my home without warning, I will make you take the stairs because that wee bit of time allows for me to at least put on a pair of pants, and if you’re lucky, a bra.

Urology appointments attended: 1…and we don’t have to go back! The second surgery for Liam was determined to not be necessary! *Does a happy mom dance*

Number of Thanksgiving dinners hosted: 1, and it was a blast. Not the whole mad dash to get everything cleaned up before people arrived, but the actual coming together of three families and sharing in a tradition that most of us would’ve shared with our own families back home.  Let me tell ya, when you live in a different country from the rest of your family, it is your friends that become your family.  My holiday wouldn’t have been the same without them. Okay, sappy thankful moment has been included, I will resume sarcastic self.


Number of house guests: 3, and the number of nights they stayed with us, 3.

Christmas Markets attended: 1, and I can’t wait to do it again!  I am a major sucker for Christmas and the Christmas Markets feed my need for everything cheery and bright.  Except, watch out for people with umbrellas… (The number of times I was ‘attacked’ by a vicious umbrella, 2.  They could seriously take out an eye, and it would be your fault, not theirs.  Yeah, I don’t get that logic either but that’s the way it went for me.)

Number of times Liam was traumatized by visiting Santa: 1… How do you tell a kid that young that a big guy in a red coat, with a white beard, and leather gloves is indeed friendly and not someone we thrust him on to purposefully haunt him in his dreams?



Would you even believe that Sean was gone for a week during that crazy month?  How I even have hair on my head still at this point is a mystery to me.

I forgive him for leaving, he brought back chocolates.  Bonus point for whoever correctly guesses what flavor the corncob chocolate is!

I forgive him for leaving, he brought back chocolates. Bonus point for whoever correctly guesses what flavor the corncob chocolate is!

What I didn’t include in that list of statistics were just the day to day occurrences that I endure as a full-time stay-at-home mom.  Number of loads of laundry…too many to count.  Number of times Abram was put in timeout for bonking his brother on the head with whatever it was he just stole from Liam…also too many to count.  Speaking of that, how do parents keep a straight face when punishing their kids?!?!  I try to look like the big bad mom, but there have been so many times I have had to muffle a giggle and turn my head.  Abram is such a jokester, even when he is in timeout.  He will stand facing the corner, with his head against the wall, straight as a board when all the sudden you’ll see his arm drop, a little fist of fingers pop open, and then ever so casually he waves to me while saying “hi” like he’s greeting an angel, so sweet and innocent.  How?  Seriously, how can that not make you smile?  Darn kid knows me weakness.  I must work on this…

Side note…anyone with tips on how to keep diapers and clothes on their wee ones would be much appreciated.  Liam is becoming a hard core exhibitionist.  This mom is fully armed with pictures and videos for future embarrassment. I’m envisioning a jolly good time come high school graduation day.  I need to tell the post office guy where we pick up our deliveries that he may be seeing a giant delivery of duct tape coming soon.

*Deep breath*

Now it’s December and less than two weeks until we leave to spend Christmas at home in Nebraska.  As much as I am looking forward to a traditional Christmas at home, it will be hectic.  Considering how busy I was when they boys and I flew home last June, I can imagine that having Sean with us this time means even more people to see and places to visit.  Just writing about it stresses me out, and I didn’t even include the parts about 2-3 photo sessions, three doctors appointments, and a bridal shower to throw while I am home.  I can just hear it now…”Hey Danielle, what is your New Year resolution?”, “Oh not much, just buy a wig to replace my lost hair, maybe some dentures while I’m at for the missing teeth I’ve pulled, and oh yeah…start working out.”.  It may seem like I am complaining about being so busy, but I’m not.  Maybe I’m weird, but I think I kind of feed off of the stress.  Which is probably not good for my blood pressure, but it seriously keeps me going.

It’ll probably be a month before you hear from me again, I hope not, but it’s a fairly safe bet.  Until then, I wish everyone happy holidays!


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