So I had this thing called a Birthday…


…and I am now an age that has two digits. Go figure!  I may not be 30 quite yet, but I am treading very closely to that line where wrinkles pop up on a daily basis, your husband pulls out your gray hairs just to annoy you, and hot flashes are the norm.  I’m kidding, kind of…I hope.  There was one nice thing about celebrating my birthday in Germany this year, Fasching!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fasching, it’s kind of like the Mardi Gras, complete with parades and lots of shenanigans.  The kick off to Fasching happened on my birthday here, and with that…people dressed up to go to work, drank during the middle of the day, and women cut off the ties of men brave enough to wear a full length tie to work.  Being that it was a Thursday, I celebrated by staying home (Maybe I am already 30 and I just forgot…but in all honesty, I had to ask Sean how old I was last week. Birthdays are just blending together these days.).  However my friend Heather and my husband saved what would have otherwise been a pretty lame, or I mean…relaxing, birthday.  Heather, bless her heart, showed up with a kid in one arm and birthday goodies in the other.  Thanks Heather, you know how much I needed those chocolates, even if Abram decided he needed them more.

Abram has this habit which I am not so sure I should be thankful for, but I kind of am, of showing me the random objects he shoves in his mouth that he knows aren’t food.  The other night as I was making dinner he came toddling from the living room, mouth open, singing “aaaa aaa”.  As he makes his way into the kitchen he proceeds to grace my open palm with a mound of saliva and the cap from a pen he’d found on my desk.  It’s a game to him…’Don’t swallow but thoroughly freak mom out’.  Oh joy.  However, on my birthday as he came to show me what he had in his mouth he got within five feet and then promptly turn around and ran in the opposite direction.  Upon further investigation of a tightly closed fist and unyielding mouth, I discovered that he had found mom’s birthday chocolates.  I guess I can’t blame him for not wanting to spit that out.  You don’t just ‘spit’ Belgium chocolate out.

Making the rounds with FaceTime calls back home to hear how my birthday was being celebrated without me Stateside (I hope you enjoyed not having to share your birthday dessert this year Michelle!) Sean decides he’s going to stealthily slip away.  Me thinking he was just in the bathroom thought nothing of his desertion until he came around the corner with an ice-cream cake and festive candles.  Big kudos to my husband, he knows how much I miss the ice-cream cakes from back home (that delicious goop of fudge in Dairy Queen ice-cream cakes…Heaven…).

Due to missing out on the shenanigans that happened on my birthday, we decided last minute to go to the Wiesbaden Fasching parade yesterday.  Everyone is encouraged to dress up, and believe me when I say EVERYONE.  You will see anything from a young police officer sporting his fake badge to grannies sporting (or maybe supporting?) their knickers a mask, and plenty of liqueur to keep the chill at bay.  Sean and I went with a more simple, and warm look this year, and the boys dressed in their minion costumes from Halloween (which were a tad too small).  The costumes were homemade mostly by Sean but I helped in making of the eyes/hair for the minion caps.  Liam didn’t seem to mind his giant eyeball at Halloween but this time around he couldn’t keep his pestering fingers off the pupil and before the parade even started he managed to pull it off.  Not knowing what to do with a detached pupil and no adhesive, I did the best I could and used my MacGyver mom skills.  A chewed up gummy bear works wonders as a temporary adhesive (or maybe not so temporary considering the pupil is still attached almost 24 hours later).

Getting ready for the parade to start!

Getting ready for the parade to start!

It was interesting how our mini minion attracted people.  At Halloween, we stayed on base so we would hear people say “Look at the Minions, how fun!”, but at Fasching it’s more like “A.lot.of.German.I.Don’t.Understand. MINIONS! And.then.more.German”.  Even during the parade as people were tossing out candy, the tossers would point at the boys and specifically toss them candy and trinkets or even hand deliver goodies to them.  Oh, and to the guy who was tossing out the alcohol necklaces…I know you saw me, and I know you were going to toss me that necklace until you noticed the small human in my arms and decided against it…Darn you!  I may be a mom, but moms like a little adult indulgence now and then!

This year it was exciting for me as a parent to see the change that has occurred over the past year when thinking back to last year’s parade experience.  At that time the boys weren’t walking, and even fell asleep half way through the parade in their stroller. This year they were clapping along with the marching bands, pointing out various vehicles (especially Abram who particularly loves “a panes”).  Needless to say, we didn’t even make it back to our vehicle before Abram promptly passed out…being a minion is a lot of work!


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