A Tale of 5 Months Past

Holy mother of pearl, how did I ever get so behind on this blog?!?! You can thank my good friend Heather for this update considering she sent me a friendly reminder on Facebook essentially asking if my blog was covered in cobwebs yet. No worries though, I made sure to dust prior to you clicking on the blog link (however I am now under the impression that dust bunnies multiply even faster than live bunnies).

Where, oh where do I even begin??? 

The beginning? Too predictable. How about I start with a quick update about the Minis? Okay? Okay!

Liam has suddenly taken a fascination to chewing on the arm of my computer chair while I work, and dumping any salt shakers that happen to be within a little human’s reach. This leads me to believe that he attempting to protect himself, and quite possibly the rest of the family, from himself turning into a 26″ tall werewolf. Or maybe he’s teething and likes the feel of salt between his toes… He’s still my quite, shy guy who is good with entertaining himself for hours on end if need be. Abram, on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to completely rearrange the entire BluRay collection including swapping out discs between the various cases. Now I have a stack of movies on my desk to keep this wee problem at bay. It wouldn’t be so bad if he couldn’t climb in/over/on everything…especially the baby gate. I attempted to raise the gate, which he still managed to get over, but ultimately ended up pissing Liam off to no extent because he would attempt to go under to only fail miserably once he reached his bum. Abram is also my chatterbox. I think that’s the reason why Liam doesn’t really talk. What’s the point if your brother does all the talking for you?!? 

And now to the beginning…

March 15th – We celebrated the Minis’ second birthday with a “Mustache Bash”, and included an array of mini appetizers (don’t worry, no minis were harmed in the making of the “mini appetizers”) and fun mustaches for everyone! 

March 18th – I finally gave in and had Sean transition the boy’s cribs into toddler beds. This is something that makes any mom, let alone a mom of twins extremely nervous. Two boys with access to each other in the middle of the night with no limitations like silly crib rails?!?! Party all night! 

March 26th – Join Sean on one of his work vacations to Stuttgart where we experienced snow, puking toddlers…and Sean knocked me up. Nothing says “sexy time” like toddlers tossing their cookies in close proximity! (Mom and Dad, I’m sorry you read that…kind of…).

April 9th – Have a complete ugly emotional cry because I was so stressed with Sean being constantly gone. Wake up around 4am thinking “WTF is wrong with me”, and randomly decide to pee on a stick. Stick reads somewhere along the lines of “done good champ…done good” or otherwise known as “+”. Immediately called Sean via FaceTime at some late hour wherever it was that he was doing another work vacation at back in the States, while waving my magic 8 ball pee stick…shock doesn’t even begin to describe what we experienced. 

April 23rd – Fly back to Nebraska with the Minis solo again. Thanks to delays we didn’t make it back to Nebraska until around 1am, at which time the boys walked into their grandparents house who strategically placed a box of borrowed toys right next to the front door, meaning we didn’t get to bed until around 2am. 

April 26th – Bachlorette PARTAY for my BFF Jenn. However stressful planning was from another country, the ladies and I managed to put the final details together in the few days I had in the States before the party. We painted canvases while sipping wine (or in my case…water), opened gifts and had some refreshments (I so wish I could’ve had more than just the cotton candy portion of the cotton candy + champagne equation) while watching panties practically blow away in the wind. Had that happened I am guessing the locals on the lake would’ve been wondering where the rest of the womanly attire was and had a full on search party sweeping the bottom of the lake. Later we partook in some dinner, and then watched some dueling pianos before calling it a night. 

Look at all of us master artists!

Look at all of us master artists!

May 10th- WEDDING DAY (FINALLY)! It seems like it was literally years in the making, although for me it kind of was. Jenn and I have been friends since our first day of college freshman year, so there’s been lots of talks of weddings and even the random trip to a wedding dress store instead of going to class. The day was magical and more than I think she or I could’ve ever imagined her wedding would be like, although I blame Pinterest for a lot of unnecessary stress. Somehow my ever expanding self managed to shimmy into that dress (purchased waaaay before our little “Oops” came about), the Minis made it down the aisle even though Liam did go running down leaving his poor flower girl without an escort, and Sean managed to get his required beard (by the groom) from “cave man” to “a close second to Zac Efron” status. We make a dashing bridal family.

May 13th – Home again….home again.

May 14th – August 2nd – A cargo ship, station wagon, and camel load of photo sessions…yes a camel…have you seen how much those animals can carry?!? Oh, and also in this time we decide that it’s best to move prior to baby arriving in December so we put our home “on the market”, and go on another “House Hunters International” expedition of finding a new home. We almost lost hope, but literally days before operation “shits about to get crazy and if we don’t find a house now we may be living on the streets come November 1st” we found a home we are terribly excited about (and I’m actually more excited for the Minis since they will finally have a yard with a swing set to use). 

May 24th – Leave for Normandy France to visit several of the WW2 sites. It was a vastly educational, and moving experience.


Omaha Beach

 June 27th – Throw a little special get-together to announce the sex of our third… Doctor told us that he was 80% certain with his rather educated guess. It was discovered at a later ultrasound that 80% should have been much less. Bring on more testosterone! 

Such a pretty cake...too bad it had the "wrong" color of M&M's inside.

Such a pretty cake…too bad it had the “wrong” color of M&M’s inside.

July 3rd – Go on a little family get-away to Cologne, Germany. The best part of all…the free samples from the chocolate museum! 

July 5th – Take a Rhine river cruise called “Rhine Aflame”, meaning “Rhine in Flames”. It was an awesome trip with good food, friends, castles, and then fireworks at every castle on the way back. It was an awesome show. 

This is looking back at all the other ships on this trip at the point which we turned around to head back towards the impeding feast of colors and explosions.

This is looking back at all the other ships on this trip at the point which we turned around to head back towards the impeding feast of colors and explosions.

July 13th – Germany wins the World Cup! Talk about a party! It was around midnight when that winning goal was scored and I swear everyone at that moment everyone went outside and lit off fireworks as if the world was coming to an end and fireworks were the only way to save yourself. I’m guessing that anyone in space at the moment knew who won the game just based off of the giant light beam coming from this part of the world.  

July 24th (ish) – Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with going to dinner without our favorite little table guests. 

August 9th – Leave for HAWAII!!! We had been attempting to plan a vacation for months but could never find time thanks to Sean’s crazy work vacations’ schedule and my photography schedule. It just so happened that Sean had the opportunity to partake in training in Honolulu…and lets face it, if we’re married and you tell me you’re going to Honolulu, you bet your buckets I’m going with you! Thanks to the ever cruddy Delta service we experience, we actually had to redeem some travel vouchers so my ticket ended up being half the cost. What can I say…the starts aligned and God said “Go, because on the 7th day a mom needs rest”, and I said to God “I like you!”. 

August 17th – Arrive back in Germany, and of course Delta lost our luggage. Not only did they lose our luggage but they lost everyone’s luggage who had a connecting flight prior to boarding the international flight in Detroit, which essentially means 95% of the plane. That same day we picked up our boys from their own little vacation and headed to Berlin for another week of hotel living while Sean attended more training. 

August 16th – Finally home for the next week! Oh how I missed my blessed bed and snoogle pregnancy pillow. It’s a shame though that the entire family came down with a cold while in Berlin so now I am basking in the joys of being handed snotty tissues and coughed on by what sounds like a hacking lion (in my mind the Cadbury commercial with the lion portraying a bunny around Easter is about right). 

There you have it folks. Five months of complete chaos packed into one blog post. You’re welcome… 


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