TBD Photography – Deutschland

About TBD Photography – Deutschland

It’s hard to put into words my passion for photography so I’ll start with how I came to be one. I was always one of those kids who enjoyed playing with cameras, real or fake…I didn’t discriminate. On a fateful trip to the zoo with my mom, I took a photo of a gorilla (yes, a gorilla changed my life) that made me think more deeply about photography. If you can imagine, here is this gorilla, at least seven times my size, laying on his back taking in his onlookers in an upside down fashion with a finger pressed to his chin as if it were contemplating the meaning of life. That image of contemplation spoke to me and with the click of my camera’s shutter…I caught that moment and will have it forever. As a high school student, I took a photography course thus learning the ins and outs of film photography. Let me tell you, there is nothing like sitting in a dark room waiting for your image to appear in the chemical bath, such a thrill. Although photography was a passion, my life took me a different route which landed me as an interior design student at the College of Architecture in Lincoln Nebraska. I spent several years in the design career field and my life seemed to be playing out how I had always imagined, that is until I met an architect who swept me off my feet and took me far away to Germany.

Back home in Nebraska I’ve had the joy of watching my mom and twin sister start and grow their business, TBD Photography. Which I am sure that you’ve guessed already, but that is where the name TBD Photography – Deutschland comes from. What does TBD stand for you might ask? To Be Determined. In life, nothing is certain and change is constant, and because life is always changing it is yet To Be Determined.

Before moving to Germany my husband and I decided we were “ready” to have a child. After several months of trying we were blessed with vivacious twin boys. Six months later we landed on German soil and haven’t looked back. Being an American in a foreign country is difficult, adding twin boys on top of that is an adventure in its own way. As a mother I experience every day fresh and new experiences through their eyes, with the world at my fingertips and a camera in my hand, capturing those moments is pure joy. I’m now here to help my fellow Americans capture their special moments.

Abram allowed me to take some test shots of some new studio equipment.  I love how it turned out!

Abram allowed me to take some test shots of some new studio equipment. I love how it turned out!


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